Hello Pet People.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions. To provide you with the best customer experience, your feedback is greatly encouraged. If you have any questions please send us an email at: service@ramboopet.com

Q:Where is RAMBOO PET from?
Ramboo Pet is a proud malaysia local home-grown company that specializes in offering pet tech product that are of the best-value in the market.

Q:Do you have a physical storefront?
RAMBOO PET is a direct to consumer brand and we ship direct from our production houses. To keep costs low, we cut all these physical costs such as rental, space, manpower, electricity in order to offer you the best value prices for our projectors. We are officially registered SSM as RAMBOO PET ENTERPRISE.

Q:What separates RAMBOO PET from other brands?
Our products are built with leading tech specs but costs a lot lesser due a direct-to-consumer business model where we sell without the middleman. We pass down as many cost savings as possible to the consumers so that they can enjoy a well-built Pet High-Tech product at a great price! Beware of unauthorized sellers or scams with RAMBOO PET branding on other platforms. We only sell direct via our website, shopee and Facebook.

Q:How much do we charge on shipping fee?
We kindly provide free shipping within Malaysia.

Q:How long will you be able to receive the RAMBOO PET after placing an order with us?
West M’sia: about 1-4 days
East M’sia: about 7-14 days
(not include holidays)

Q:What is the warranty policy?
All our products are guaranteed with a local warranty, You can registered Ramboo Care to extension your warranty with your order ID. We also have a dedicated customer support team to help you resolve any issues via FB chat or email.

Q:What is the refund policy?
The RAMBOO PET has 14 days return policy. If for some reason you are unhappy with your product within the first 14 days following purchase just contact us to begin the return process. You will be given instructions for shipping the feeder back to us and once we receive the unit you will be refunded the cost less shipping. Shipping costs on all refunds are the responsibility of the pet parent.

Q:What kind of payment methods do we accept?
As of now, we accept authorized online banking, credit/debit card and eWallet from all Malaysian Banks & wallets. It is simple, fast and extremely convenient for local Malaysians.

Q:How is the quality of RAMBOO PET products?
We ensure that all products provided by us are safe to every fellow customer. We guarantee that our products use safe materials. As the security technology we provide are in lined with the international certification.

Q:How long can the dry pack use?
One month.

Q:How much food does the Nanny 6L hold?
The food bin of the Nanny 6L holds up to 3.2KG of dry food, it can be feeding 30 days.

Q:Is the feeding schedule set up through the app?
Yes, the program is  very easy to set a feeding schdule.

Q:How many feedings can the program set per day?
Feeding can be set up to 8 times a day, with a maximum of ~300g(1 cup ~15g, maximum 20 cups) at a time,But in fact, you can adjust the timing to get more feedings for your pets.

Q:Can one app connect 2 or more feeder machines?
Sure,You can control this 2 or more feeder without interfering with each other.

Q:Can you turn off the sound of recording?
Of course, you can choose to turn off or save the voice recording on the app.

Q:Will it warn me when I am short of food?
This machine doesn’t have food shortage warning, but you can easily to see the position of the dry food because its food hopper is translucent.

Q:Can I wash the machine with water?
Don’t ever,it will damage the machine.You can wash food hopper and bowl to keep clean except the main machine.

Q:If the phone is offline, will it still work?
Yes it will, as long as your program is set, it can feed according to the time you set regardless of whether your phone is out of power or network.

Q:Can a cat paw reach up and manipulate the feeder wheel to dispense food during non feeding times?
No. Tried with many cat, the food still stays inside until the feeder dispenses it.

Q:Is setup a lengthy process?
We have designed the Nanny 6L to be as simple as possible to setup and program. By following the steps in our Manual or watching our Nanny 6L APP Connect set up video setting up the feeder is an easy process that should take no more than a few minutes. Our customer service staff will also support at any time.

Q:What is the reason for Smartphone connection and how to handle it?
1)Check whether the machine is functioning properly.
Check the devices indicators. Normally the blue light flashing or stay solid blue.
2)Check if the feeder has been connected to WiFi
Search for the feeder's WiFi signal on the smartphone and check if there is a WiFi signal Named: Smartlife-xxxx.
3)Unistall the APP and Then reinstall it.
Please authorize the APP the right to acquire location information during installation.
4)Check whether the router has set up a restriction to the number of online devices.
It is recommended that the WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption be applied. Please use the 2.4 Ghz network only.

Q:How to re-connect the device to the network quickly after it is disconnected?
Exit the APP, click it again and wait for the data to update. Offline or power off.

Q:Why I cannot log in my account?
Ensure your network is working, then check if yout account has been logged in already by other smartphone. Remember to delete the device from the smartphone on time if you want to use other phone to control it.

Q:Is the Nanny 6L made in the Malaysia?
Ramboo Pet was developed in the Malaysia by a team with over 10 years of combined product development experience. For 2 years we attempted to work with Malaysia manufacturers before realizing that in order to keep the price reasonable we would need to look elsewhere. We teamed up with a world class Chinese manufacturer that produces items for some of the biggest names in small appliances worldwide in order to bring you the highest quality product possible at a reasonable price

Q:How often should I replace the filter?
Normally the filter should be changed 3-4 weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain. We recommend using the filter and replacing it regularly. Because the filter can not only purify and improve the taste of water but also filter the hair or food residues everyday to prevent these garbage blocking the pump's water outlet.

Q:Is it easy to be cleaned?
This RO Wireless is designed without a pump, it is simple to disassemble and very easy to clean.

Q:How often do we need to wash the water fountain?
We suggest to change the water and wash it in every 7 days. Let the water clean to take care of pets' health.

Q:Is that machine washable?
Yes, that machine is designed to be waterproof for life-grade, you can wash it.

Q:Is this cat drinking fountain easy to be knocked over by a cat?
The bottom of the machine uses high-quality nano-washable non-marking rubber, which can firmly grip the dry ground.

Q:Why doesn't that sensor work all the time?
Because it is an intelligent sensor, it will sleep for 30 minutes after each induction, preventing pets from playing with water, and more lastingly stimulating pets to drink water

Q:Does it work without the filter?
Yes, it does but we do not recommend removing the filter.

Q:Is the water very noisy? Is the pump also noisy?
Not at all. The machine is not noisy at all and the flow of water is very gentle so it does not make any splashing noise whatsoever.

Q:How long does the water last?
It depends on how much your pet drinks.