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  • RAMBOO - Jojo|RO Wireless

    Jojo|RO Wireless

    Only now I found out that it is so easy to make cats fall in love with drinking water. Once the cat starts drinking water, it takes more than 1 minute, which greatly improves the problem of cats not drinking water.(现在才发现让猫咪爱上喝水是这么简单的事情,一喝就是1分钟起跳,大大改善猫咪不爱喝水的问题)

  • RAMBOO - Eva | Nanny 6L

    Eva | Nanny 6L

    Just need a mobile phone,you can easily get pet feeding. Not only automatic feeding, also can video call, which can make the baby at home feel warm no matter where, it is worth recommending to all parents who love pets(只需要一部手机就能轻松搞定。不只是自动喂食,还能够视频对话,无论在何处都能让家里的宝贝,感受到温暖,值得推荐给所有疼爱宠物的家长)

  • RAMBOO - Mandy | RO Wireless

    Mandy | RO Wireless

    With more than 30 days of use on a single charge, this is the most intimate pet water dispenser I've ever seen.(一次充电可以使用超过30天,这是我见过最贴心的宠物饮水机)

  • RAMBOO - Yudee | RO Wireless

    Yudee | RO Wireless

    This is a pet water dispenser that integrates all the advantages of the market. When pets approach, it will automatically flow water, whether cats or dogs will drink water seriously. The triple filter element and ultraviolet sterilization can make your Pets have healthier water quality.(这是一款把市面上所有优点都集中在一起的宠物饮水机,宠物靠近的时候会自动流水,无论猫咪或狗狗都会认真的喝起水来,三重过滤芯加上紫外线杀菌,让你的宠物拥有更健康的水质。)

  • RAMBOO - ELaine | Nanny 6L

    ELaine | Nanny 6L

    Only now have I discovered that raising pets can be so easy and fun, and a simple operation can make your pet live a better life.(现在才发现养宠物可以这么轻松有趣,简单的一个操作,就能让你的宠物过上更好的生活。)

  • RAMBOO - Tan Chin | RO Wireless

    Tan Chin | RO Wireless

    I am very happy to meet Ramboo Pet. The cat litter was cleaned once a day instead of twice a day, and the effect is very obvious. After using it for 1 week, there is no odor and slippery feeling at all. Super easy to clean and super easy to refill.(我很高兴遇见了Ramboo Pet,原本猫砂一天清理一次变一天清理2次,效果超明显。使用了1星期清洗完全没有臭臭滑滑的感觉。清洗超方便,补充水超简单。)

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