Lifetime Free Filters Policy

If you have purchased the RAMBOO's pet water dispenser and participated in the 【Lifetime Free Filters】, then you can always get 3 pcs free filters for every 3 months, just need to pay RM10 (including shipping fee and labor packing fee) (RM25 get 6 pcs for East MY)

Policy Detail

  • Get filters for every 3 months start from the month of purchase.
    E.g:The product purchase date is September 1st, and the filter can get from the customer service in November.

  • You can only get 3 pcs filters at a time, even if it is more than 3 months later.

  • RM10/set pet water dispenser to get 3 pcs free filters.
    E.g : 1 set pet water dispenser pay RM10 to get 3 pcs filters, 2 set pet water dispenser pay RM20 to get 6 pcs filters, 3 set pet water dispenser pay RM30 to get 9 pcs filters, and so forth.(RM25/set(6pcs) for East MY)

  • If you spend more than RM100(RM150 for East MY) to buy other products (excluding shipping fee and labor packing fee) while get the free filter, you can get the free shipping fee and labor packing fee for this free filter set with you.

  • Shipping fee and labor paking fee will be increased according to the impact of inflation, but we will try to get the best possible benefits for our customers.

  • We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time.




  • 从购买月份开始,每 3 个月的第3个月内可免费领取一次3片滤芯组。

  • 若超过3个月后回来领取,同样一次只能获得3片滤芯组。

  • 依据RM10/台 宠物饮水机的购买数量支付费用以领取对应的滤芯组数量。
    E.g : 1 台宠物饮水机 支付RM10 领取 3 片滤芯组,2 台宠物饮水机 支付RM20 获得 6 片滤芯,3 台宠物饮水机支付 RM30 获得 9 片滤芯,依此类推。(东马 RM25/台 6片)

  • 如果您在领取免费滤芯组时,花费超过 RM100 购买其他产品(不包括运费和人工包装费),将获得免费滤芯组的运输费和人工包装费。

  • 运输费和人工包装费将根据通货膨胀的影响而增加,且我们会尽力为客户争取最大的利益。

  • 我们保留随时自行决定更改、修改或以其他方式更改这些条款和条件的权利。