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RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain | RAMBOO PET | Malaysia

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RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain | RAMBOO PET | Malaysia Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

【7 Features of RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain】

SMART MODE :Sensing pets to automatically dispense water for 30 seconds and then enter smart sleep for 15 minutes. If the pet does not trigger the sensor within 1 hour, RO 2S will automatically dispense water for 30 seconds to remind pets to drink water and filter the water, then enter smart sleep for 15 minutes.

[NOTICE] The smart mode is not activated all the time, because we designed the pump to activate every 15 minutes. This is to conserve battery power and prevent the cat from playing with it, then losing interest.

SENSOR MODE :Automatic dispenses water after sensing pets.

ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZATION :Automatic daily sterilization for 15 minutes and sleep for 24 hours & manual click to sterilize.

MULTIPLE FILTRATION :Cotton, activated carbon, medical stone and gold resin.

WIRELESS DESIGN :Up to 100 days of battery life on a single charge (Smart Mode).

ANTI-DRY BURNING SYSTEM :The red light will automatically turn on and the water pump will stop working when there is no water. To prevent the water pump from overheating.

INDICATOR LIGHT :Filter replacement and low battery indicator.

【Product Description】

●Silent Mode :Volume ≤ 30dB, not noisy at night.

●3L Large Capacity Water Storage :Translucent water level observation window, water volume scale indication.

●Innovative Design Structure :The fountain will not be dismantled and pushed down by pets.

●Design of Water Circulation :In the stream washes away the hair on the surface layer.

●Antibacterial Materials :Effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, and it is not easy to feel slippery.

●Daily Filter :96 - times per Day, clean water every day.

●Flowing Water :Effectively increase the frequency of pet drinking water.

●Stainless Steel Plate :Does not trap bacteria or dirt, and easy to clean.

●Type - C Charging Port :No need to worry about missing wires.

●Easy To Clean :Simple structure makes cleaning more convenient.


●Change the water and wash it in 7 days. Let clean water take care of pets' health.

【Product Information】

●Product Weight :1KG

●Product Size :280*160*123mm

●Busket Capacity :3 Litre

●Sensor Range :1.5 - 2m

●Battery Capacity :5200mAH

●Effective Battery Life :Up to 100 days (Smart Mode)

●Charging Time :5 hours

【Package Included】

1.RO 2S Wireless Smart Pet Water Fountain*1


3.Manual*3 (English , Malay and Chinese)

4.USB Cable *1



【Warranty Description】

1. 1 + 4 Year Pro Rata Warranty Read More

2.Product damaged by human factors are not covered by the warranty

3.Product accessories and consumables are not covered by the warranty


Q:How often should I replace the filter?
Normally the filter should be changed 3-4 weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain. We recommend using the filter and replacing it regularly. Because the filter can not only purify and improve the taste of water but also filter the hair or food residues everyday to prevent these garbage blocking the pump's water outlet.

Q:Is it easy to be cleaned?
This RO 2S Wireless is simple to disassemble and very easy to clean.

Q:How often do we need to wash the water fountain?
We suggest to change the water and wash it in every 7 days. Let the water clean to take care of pets' health.

Q:Is that machine washable?
Yes, that machine is designed to be waterproof for life-grade, you can wash it.

Q:Why doesn't that sensor work all the time?
Because it is in Smart Mode, it will sleep for 15 minutes after each induction, preventing pets from playing with water, and more lastingly stimulating pets to drink water.

Q:Does it work without the filter?
Yes, it does but we do not recommend removing the filter.

Q:Is the water very noisy? Is the pump also noisy?
Not at all. The machine is not noisy at all and the flow of water is very gentle so it does not make any splashing noise whatsoever.

Q:How long does the water last?
It depends on how much your pet drinks.

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